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The International System of Units, known as the SI, is the globally agreed basis for expressing measurements at all levels of precision, and in all areas of science, technology, and human endeavour. The SI is made up of seven base quantities that each correspond to a universally-recognised unit. The SI  will  undergo  a  major  revision  in  May  2019  that  will  be  implemented  by  the  international measurement community. This global change involves moving away from material artefacts (e.g. the kilogram prototype in Paris), and instead employing a set of seven defining constants, from which all units can be derived. Adopting the definitions will allow all countries to remain consistent with international best practice and allow precision measurement to be available to everyone. The goal of this Special Session is to raise awareness about this topic to the national and international scientific community.


This Mini-Symposium on SI for the 21st Century will include four educational presentations from invited speakers. Any registered attendees are welcome to attend.